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We are part of KL Translations Ltd – a London-based professional translation agency. We specialise in legal document translation and interpreting services for the UK. We translate all sorts of documents covering over 100 languages. Our translations can be certified for court use or simply for official purposes. Over 95% of our clients would recommend us.

Our translations can be used for criminal and family law cases. Our firm also works on the legal aid rates for document translation.

We offer high quality and acurate legal translation services in over 100 languages and dialects.  We draw from apool of over 5000 fully qualified and experienced translators on our database.

The legal  translators we have are fully experienced and only translate into their mother-tongue language for linguistic, technical and cultural accuracy.

Quality is more than simply getting the job done!


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Legal  Document Translation Services

We produce intelligible translation of  legal documents while adhering to the substance of the original text. Our expert legal translations team has an in-depth knowledge of law and cultures of different countries across the globe. With this in mind you can be sure of receiving an accurate legal document translation from us.

Legal Translation Specialities

KL Translations has extensive experience handling all types of legal documents, whether it is a contract document document, witness statement, court report or client meeting, we have expert translators who can deliver them to you at competitive prices. We also provide certified translations of any document for official and legal use. We give a non disclosure agreement to our clients. Kindly get in touch with us for the following legal translation services

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