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Court Interpreting Services

The use of a court interpreter is very critical in ensuring justice prevails across people of different linguistic backgrounds. There can never be justice if the stakeholders can’t understand each other and hence the need for an interpreter competent in both languages in question as well as legal terminology.

We provide accurate and reliable court interpreting services. Our professional experience has gained us trust by many courts and law firms across UK and the globe at large. We have been providing this service for over 25 years now. All our court interpreters are qualified and experienced professionals with an expert knowledge in the legal sector.

Our Language Specialties

We have a large network of qualified court interpreters coming from different directions of the world. This enables us to handle all major community languages spoken worldwide. Some of the languages we offer include;

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Professional Court Interpreters

Court interpreters must be fluent in both the source and target languages, besides being fluent in the language combinations, court interpreters need to have an extensive knowledge in the legal field. If the court interpreter can’t understand the legal terminology, then there is no difference between using a court interpreter and not using on the other hand. At KL Translations, we have got all these under control. We employ court interpreters with the aforementioned competencies.

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