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Legal Document Translation Services

If you are looking for professional legal document translation services, look no further. We provide top quality legal document translation services to our global clients at competitive rates. Our translations agency is capable of producing comprehensible legal documents while adhering to the form and substance of the original text.

Legal Documents Translated

We handle a variety of document relating to the legal sector. Our extensive knowledge in the field allows us to translate legal documents such as;

  • Legal contracts
  • Evidence documents
  • Financial statements
  • Court reports
  • Witness statements
  • Sermons and complaints
  • Appeals translations
  • Construction permits
  • Diplomatic documents
  • Civil registry documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Marriage and divorce documents
  • Adoption documents
  • Deposition documents, etc

High quality and Professional Legal Document Translation

With a network of professional legal translators, editors and proofreaders, you can derive legal translation services of the highest quality from us. While delivering legal document translation services, we devote our attention to the legal jargon/terminologies, stylistic differences, conceptual equivalence as well as ambiguities that may be involved. We therefore allocate only legal experienced linguists with legal expertise to translate our legal documents.

Legal Document Translators

Our team of legal translators are not only native linguists but they are lawyers with an extensive experience and expert knowledge in the legal field trained specifically as legal translators. We bear in mind that legal concepts differ from one country to another, that is why we allocate a legal translator with an expert knowledge of the legal systems and culture in the country to which your legal document relates

Project Management And Confidentiality

Our project management team is compost of experts in the legal field dedicated to offering you the best legal document translation in record time. We are bound by strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements as well as meeting the deadlines. Whether your project is faced with a tight deadline, we shall deliver you high quality legal document translation within the agreed time.

Languages Covered

We cover all major languages spoken across the globe. You can simply click here to view a list of languages that we specialize in.

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