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Legal Interpreting Services

We provide reliable and trusted legal interpreting services to all courts of any kind, law firms and solicitors across the globe. At KL Translations we understand that legal interpreting in its nature requires an in-depth knowledge on judicial and legal matters. This is why we only employ linguists with an extensive knowledge in the legal field.

Professional Legal Interpreters

We have a network of qualified legal interpreters with a professional experience in providing interpretation services for courts, solicitors, law firms and all components of the legal sector. Our services are round the clock meaning we can provide with the best legal interpreting services at any time you need.

Language Specialization

We provide legal interpreting solutions in over 150 languages worldwide. You may click here to see all the languages we specialize in.

Other Interpreting Services Offered

We also offer interpreting services in the following fields

Project Management and Ethical Standards

We guarantee that all our interpreters are bound by our quality standards which among them include non-disclosure agreement. We uphold ethical standards handle our clients’ projects with an utmost confidence

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